Smart Ways to Make Government Websites Better for Everyone

  • Make government websites easy for everyone.
  • Browse websites faster, saving time and effort.
  • Get clearer access to government services online.
Happy Users means productive government..

Fast, secure government site—no spam detours, simple, smooth access to needed info.

To make things worse, sometimes the website still uses the old and not-so-safe “http” instead of the more secure “https.” It’s like trying to send a letter in an envelope that anyone can open and read. You want your information to be safe, but the website isn’t using the best security.

And here’s the real kicker—sometimes, instead of getting to the right place, you end up on a website that’s all in Chinese or Japanese. It’s like going to a friend’s house and finding a party in a language you don’t understand. It’s confusing and not what you were looking for at all.

An effective government website must be:

Writing using quill pen.


Feature original and useful content.



Be easy to use.

desired platform


Integrate design elements for emotion and appreciation.

magnifying glass


Ensure content is easy to find onsite and offsite.

Accessible for physically challenge individuals.


Prioritize accessibility for people with disabilities.


Establish trust through credible information.

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“A government website’s UX is the silent conversation between the state and its citizens.”

Arvie Montesor

UX Specialist, EXPERTIST

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