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The GBF Agri Scholarship directly supports students pursuing education in agriculture.

In partnership with Universal Robina Corporation, the program empowers the next generation of farmers by providing educational opportunities focused on sustainable farming practices.

Learn about qualifications, requirements, and how to apply for this scholarship below.

GBF Agri Scholarship
Image by: GBF Gokongwei Brothers Foundation

GBF Agri Scholarship:

The GBF AGRI Scholarship, in collaboration with Universal Robina Corporation, aims to foster sustainable agriculture in the Philippines.

Through community-based scholarship programs, the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation supports the development of the next generation of Filipino farmers.


Candidates for the GBF-URC SURE STEM Agri Scholarships at Tara Provincial Community High School, Negros Occidental, and the GBF-URC STEM Agri College Scholarship must meet specific criteria:

For GBF-URC SURE STEM Agri Senior High School Scholarship:

  • Enrolled in Sugar Technology at Tara Provincial Community High School, Negros Occidental
  • Minimum GWA of 80%
  • Top 30% of Grade 10 class
  • Exemplary moral character and active in extracurricular activities
  • Family land/property not exceeding 10 hectares
  • Parent must be a farmer partner of Universal Robina Corporation-Sugar and   Renewables for at least five years

For GBF-URC STEM Agri College Scholarship:

  •  Enrolled in Sugar Technology at Tara Provincial Community High School, Negros Occidental
  • GWA ≥ 80%, top 30% in Grade 10
  • Exemplary character, active in extracurriculars
  • Family land ≤ 10 hectares
  • Parent farmer partner with Universal Robina Corp-Sugar and Renewables ≥ 5 years

For GBF-BCFG STEM Agri College Scholarship:

  • Enrolled in a GBF priority agriculture course.
  • GWA of at least 2.0 (85%).
  • Top 10% of SHS batch (freshmen) or top 20% (continuing students).
  • Good moral character and active in extra-curriculars.
  • Family land/property under 2 hectares.
  •  Parent is a 2-year member of the United Potato Producers of Benguet and Mountain Provinces.

Application Process:

1. Accomplishment of online application form and submission of documentary requirements

2. Preliminary screening for eligibility check

3. Panel Interview


Here is the table with the required documents and materials that are necessary for both GBF-URC SURE STEM Agri Senior High School and College Scholarships:

GBF-URC SURE STEM Agri Senior High School and College ScholarshipsGBF-URC BCFG STEM Agri College Scholarship
Accomplished Application FormAccomplished Application Form
Birth CertificateBirth Certificate
Certificate of Good MoralCertificate of Good Moral
Certified Copy of GradesCertified Copy of Grades
Registration form/enrollment receiptRegistration form/enrollment receipt
Proof of Sugarcane Farming (e.g., transaction receipt with URC)Membership Certificate from United Potato Producers of Benguet and Mountain Provinces (Parent’s proof of partnership with URC for at least 2 years)
Land Title or Transfer Certificate of TitleLand Title/Tax Declaration/Brgy. Certificate


GBF AGRI SCHOLARSHIP participants receive comprehensive support for their academic and professional development in agriculture, including

  •  Guaranteed annual financial support for tuition and related fees (subject to scholarship agreement terms)
  •  Participation in scholar development initiatives
  • Potential internship within the Gokongwei Group

Preferred Courses:

The GBF AGRI SCHOLARSHIP program offers support for the following preferred courses:

Senior High School:

  • Sugar Technology


  • Bachelor in Sugar Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  • Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness
  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Preferred Schools:

The following institutions are recognized as preferred educational partners for the GBF AGRI SCHOLARSHIP program:

  • Tara Provincial Community High School
  • Benguet State University
  • Central Philippines State University

Contact Details:

For more information about the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation AGRI STEM Scholarship, below are the available contact methods.

Address: 6th Floor, Robinsons Cybergate Tower 3, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Via Form – Get in Touch – Gokongwei Brothers Foundation


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